Working in Anchersen should be safe, meaningful and responsible. At Anchersen we believe that a good physical and mental work environment for our employees, who thrive and develop, is a prerequisite to create good results and achieve the high quality we base our business on.

As a company we are committed to preventing work-related injuries and illnesses and as well as complying with legislation and other relevant requirements from authorities and stakeholders in general related to the company activities.

We want to ensure that the company’s current health and safety policies and ongoing changes are being communicated to and understood by all our employees, so that each employee is aware of their individual obligations with regard to the working environment.


  • Stimulation of a healthy working environment, including stress prevention
    • Through planning of the daily work in consideration of the individual’s situation
    • Through follow-up on employees’ current and future well-being at various meetings and annual evaluations
  • Respect for each other and a good tone.
  • Prevention of violence and threats
    • Driver training in conflict management
  • Visible leadership and employee motivation
  • Ergonomics and good physical working conditions in the buses and at the office.


  • All employees contribute to a safe and healthy workplace
  • All employees take responsibility for their role and their workplace
  • All managers are engaged in the work environment