Anchersen ApS was founded by owner and CEO, Poul Anchersen, in 1997. The company grew out of Midtsjællands Busrejser which started in 1983. In 2007 Anchersen became a provider for daily services in Copenhagen.

Anchersen has more than 400 employees and operates 120 buses.

We make a difference

The business idea has always focused around the idea, that we can raise the quality within bus operations in Copenhagen, and therefore we will make our bids where we believe we can make a difference.


At Anchersen we want to be the ones who set the standard.

Our vision is to be the leading operator within both coach and regular service. We want to be recognized for our soaring quality and employees who takes ownership of their work.

That is why we are creating a strong Anchersen brand and a safe workplace.


Our work is based on our five core values: quality, service, flexibility, safety and cooperation. These core values serve as a guideline for how we can provide our customers with a good experience when traveling with us as well as a guideline for a work place where everyone thrives and takes responsibility for their work.

High quality is always in our core and our customers should be able to trust that we deliver what we promise. We take responsibility for our work and take our responsibilities serious in order to create the best result. Quality is mainly that our buses is in mint condition and is being driven by a welcoming competent driver.
We are a service company, which means that a high customer satisfaction is paramount for the survival of the company and therefore this should permeate throughout all we do. Good service delivered is many things; it is motivated workers, timeliness and helpfulness. Good service is therefore to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.
Being a flexible company means taking into consideration the wishes of our employees and customers. This is the basis for our ability to always develop our company and keep the versatility.
We never compromise on safety. Our buses meet all the environmental and safety demands and we constantly make sure that our buses is maintained and serviced on our own workshop with relevant educated personal.
We stand united to create a workplace that we are proud of. Our organization is flat and the tone in the company is informal, but we have a professional environment where everything works because we have a close relationship with our coworkers and customers.